Beligas Anavar - What Deals You Can Expect?

Beligas Anavar, better known only under the name of anabolic steroids, are drugs related to the male hormone Testosterone manufactured by the testicles. Beligas Pharmcaeuticals Anavar has several clinical uses, in which their main function is to replace testosterone in cases where for some pathological reason a deficit has occurred. Thus, the "anabolic" effects, with regard to steroids, are those that involve protein synthesis for muscle repair and growth, since, in explosive sports, there are micro-ruptures of these. The male hormone, testosterone, has two primary functions. The first, called the androgenic function, stimulates the development and maintenance of male secondary sexual characteristics (such as facial hair, tone of voice, distribution and amount of fat in the body, and other characteristics associated with male traits).

What are the Functions of Anavar?

The anabolic functions of testosterone include the development and maintenance of musculature, this is the main objective aimed by bodybuilders. So, Anavar are synthetic chemical derivatives that mimic the anabolic effects of testosterone while, at the same time, minimizing androgen effects. One of the most important attributes of Anavar is their ability to stimulate protein synthesis. This is achieved in part because the body tends to "store" nitrogen when Anavar are used, promoting greater muscle growth. This is the main objective pursued by bodybuilders. This is achieved in part because the body tends to "store" nitrogen when Anavar are used, promoting greater muscle growth.

What are the results of the Clinical Trials of Anavar?

These hormones they have clinical uses and can occasionally be prescribed under medical guidance to replace the deficient hormone in some men and to help AIDS patients regain weight. However, as they increase muscle mass, these drugs have been increasingly sought after and used by some athletes to improve physical performance and by others to achieve a better muscular appearance. There is no control over the doses used, the conditions under which they are applied or the time taken. This aesthetic use is not medical, completely inappropriate and illegal. Some people even use veterinary Anavar!

Anavar come in many forms, including pills, creams, patches, tablets, injections, or drops that are put under the tongue. Veterinary steroids (for animals) often include the same components as steroids for human use but are not as pure. There are people who use them too.

Who is using Anavar?

Both teenagers and adults are using Anavar. Since 1996, youth use has increased by 39% among elementary school students; 67% among high school students; and 84% among students in the last year of high school. A recent inspection showed that 1 in 16 students has used Anavar. Use is increasing both among girls and boys.

Adults and young people use Anavar. A study found that since 1996, use has increased 16 percent among 10th graders and 37 percent among high school students. A 2007 study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that 1 in 25 high school students had used Anavar. The 2009 Pride survey of more than 120,000 middle and high school students in the United States also examined steroid use.

The use among university athletes has also increased significantly and some professionals continue to use these drugs. They are also used by young non-athletes to develop a more muscular appearance.

In females, who normally lack potent androgen hormones, these drugs not only promote the development of male muscle mass and strength, but "masculinize" females in other ways such as stimulating facial hair growth or by lowering the tone of the voice. More importantly, for both males and females, is the negative effect these substances have on the cardiovascular and reproductive systems and the liver.

In addition to medical use, they have the property of increasing muscle volume and for this reason they are highly sought after by athletes or people who want to improve performance and physical appearance. Anavar can be taken in the form of pills or injections and their illicit use can lead the user to use hundreds of doses more than that recommended by the doctor. They often combine different steroids with each other to increase their effectiveness. Another way to use these drugs is to take them for 6 to 12 weeks or more and then stop for several weeks and start over again. In the USA, in 1994, more than a million young people had already used Anavar.

Series and cycles of steroids:

Although it is not something definitive because each one uses their own method, some rules are obeyed, such as: follow a low-fat protein-rich diet and have a rest period between cycles.


In this case the individuals uses several Anavar steroids at the same time. Usually one or more oral with one or more injectables, in case any fails.


Do not use the same drug for a long time to avoid stagnation.


There is a slow dose reduction over a period of 4 to 6 weeks; the longer the cycle, the longer the period of effective decrease, thus avoiding possible effects with the stop of the administration of the drug.


Lasts from four to six weeks and consists of increasing the amount of the steroid every week when it reaches the middle of the cycle, with the maximum amount of the drug, there is a decrease in the dosage in the following weeks. Anavar comes in different forms and dosages with different duration and action times in the body.

How these steroids work:

Steroids or "bomb" as they are usually called in gyms, that can be administered orally, sublingual implant capsules or via intramuscular injections, Anavar find their way to the individual's muscle cells, where they exert their activating influence on the genes responsible for protein synthesis. However, along with their administration, there should be sufficient intake of vitamins and minerals through food or supplements. Many vitamins are believed to be synergistic with Anavar (that is, they help or facilitate the steroid to carry out protein synthesis). The athlete creates a "need" for proteins in the body through extremely heavy training. However, not all steroid molecules reach cell receptor sites. Most are lost in the bloodstream and are broken down in the liver.

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